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A logbook is a guide or a handbook that indicates the maintenance required for the vehicle intended by the manufacturer at regular intervals. When your vehicle is serviced following the manufacturer’s spec, it will perform well in the long run. It includes regular checkups, replacing the components, and oil change.

At GWBC, we provide comprehensive logbook servicing for our customers across Glen Waverly and its nearby surroundings. With years of experience and expertise, our mechanics conduct the service ensuring the manufacturer’s warranty to keep your vehicle run at the highest level of performance.

Your logbook is evidence of a well-maintained car. It enables our mechanic to understand what components need additional care and at what intervals. With meticulous attention, we execute all the essential service requirements without compromising the industry standards. car service completing these services on time helps extend its life span and reserves an upholding resale value.

Why should you choose the GWBC Logbook Service?

If you choose GWBC logbook service, we ensure your vehicle is properly maintained with industry standards. We keep our technicians updated to handle all new makes and models. We use only manufacturer-approved parts to be fitted inside your car. All the safety measures, replacements, and checkups are carried out only by our experienced technicians. Our logbook service ensures that your vehicle is running smoothly and safely while maintaining the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Our Logbook Service Includes

  • Check on Steering and Suspension

  • Brake Inspection

  • Oil Change

  • Checking Tyre Pressure

  • Checking Hoses

  • Checking engine oil and oil filter

  • Checking a car battery

  • Fluid Checkups

Our logbook service conforms to your vehicle warranty and ensures it is operating at its best. If you are looking for logbook service at Glen Waverly Auto care or its nearby suburbs, you can take advantage of our professional logbook service by calling on ​03 8555 4215 today.

We offer following Auto Electrical Services

Logbook Service
  • Diagnostic Testing & Fault Testing

  • Brake and clutch servicing

  • Air-conditioning servicing

  • Engine servicing and repairs

  • Head servicing, repairs and replacement

  • Tyre sales and fitting

  • Road testing of the car
  • Safety Checks
  • Replacement of engine oil and oil filter
  • Check and top-up of tyre pressure
  • Wipers Checks
  • fuel filter and fuel lines Checks
  • Brakes and clutch system Checks
  • Pressure test of the cooling system
  • Adjustment of handbrake (where applicable)
  • Steering and suspension Checks
  • Lube all doors
  • Battery (including charging) Checks

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