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Keeping break and clutches system in up-to-date condition is essential for safe driving.
Any compromise on break and clutches system will endanger your safety and security.
Whenever you observe slippage, noise, pedal pulsation while functioning brake and clutch system, you need to visit the expert to repair your brake and clutch.
We provide clutch repair services including clutch plate relining, clutch hydraulic repairs, clutch servo repairs flywheel grinding, and clutch rebuilding.
Our break services include on-car disc rotor machining, brake drum machining, disc rotor machining, brake valve repairs, re-sleeve stainless steel cylinder repairs, brake shoe relining and cleaning.
We never compromise on your safety.
We always use quality devices such as clutch kits and components, brake components, and ignition leads.

We provide following break and clutch services:

  • Clutch & brake assessment

  • Clutch & brake repair

  • Clutch & brake sales

Call us for break and clutch repairing issues.

Brake and clutch repair

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